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The Pakua Multi-functional Gravity Collector Workboat

Pakua multi-function work boat rear 3/4 view
Full length 7-8 metres

Description and Overview

The vessel hull is relatively square to maximize storage space and flotation while keeping the vessel draft to a minimum.

The centre section of the hull is slightly higher than the sponson sections at the sides. This includes an inclined plane section. This centre section forces floating material to the collection tower which spans the centre channel in the hull.

WindTrans High-Volume Low-Speed Pump

The patented WindTrans High-Volume, Low-Speed (HVLS) pump can self prime over 15 metres, be operated by operator muscle power (but we prefer an electric drive), and is highly efficient. The pump can be used in multiple modes on the vessel: pumping bilges and storage tanks; moving material from the gravity collection tower to storage; driving a fire monitor; washing shorelines and near-shore facilities, marina docks, etc.; spraying bioremediant onto spilled oil, and more.

Gravity Collection Tower and Inclined Plane Hull

The patented gravity collection tower is filled with water to start operation, pulled up from the bottom using the pump. The bottom of the tower is positioned just below the waterline. As the boat moves over the water, floating liquids and very small solids are captured by the buoyancy of the material. When sufficient material has collected at the top of the tower, the pump is run to pull that material out with minimal water. If liquids are being captured, they are pumped to an on-board storage tank or bladder. If solids are being collected, they are poured onto a filter basket, so the water can drain off, capturing only the solids. Larger items are captured in a bow-mounted 'trash gate', which can be raised periodically and emptied onto the deck. The base of the tower is also protected by a grate which prevents potentially damaging items from being pulled into the pump.

Bow Ramp

The bow ramp facilites loading and unloading of equipment (e.g. an ATV), supplies and people, and doubles as the bow wall of the boat when operating on the water.

Bow Sweeps

The optional bow sweeps increase the effective width of the boat for skimming operations.

Deck Plate

The deck plate can be used to cover the moon pool when the tower is not installed.

Movable Cargo Hoist

The cargo hoist mast can be positioned at multiple places on the boat. This allows it to be used for installing or removing an outboard motor, placing and lifting the gravity collection tower, raising or lowering items through the moonpool or at the side of the boat, loading and unloading cargo, moving or positioning the conveyor collector unit and drain basket, and other lifting and positioning activities.

Removable Safety Railings

Safety railings are an important feature on flat deck vessels, but are an obstacle for loading and unloading people, gear and supplies. Therefore, the Pakua has safety railing for the entire vessel perimeter, but they can be removed as convenient for on and off-boarding.

How the Pakua Solves Your Problems

Your Voice - What Else Do You Need a Small Boat to Do?

As of December 2019, RESTCo is seeking a partner to help refine our design, support building and fitting out our first full-size prototype(s), and evaluate them in real-world conditions. If that's of interest to you, let us know.

The Pakua Multi-Function Workboat
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