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The Pakua Multi-functional Gravity Collection Workboat

Pollution on water in tourist harbour
Photo credit: Darryl McMahon (used with permission)


We see the Pakua work boat as filling a lot of roles, but perhaps it still isn't working full-time in your specific situation. We think the purpose of a work boat is to work, not sit tied up to a dock waiting for a very specific and rare event (e.g. an oil-spill).

With the high-volume pump able to self-prime and pull over 15 metres of head, this vessel can take pumping capability to areas which can't be reached from shore. This could be used to pump out boat and ship bilges or waste tanks for vessels which can't come into a slip in a marina or small harbour.

With its cargo hoist and a moon pool, the boat can support divers and light salvage / underwater construction activity.

With its moon pool open and lowerable bow ramp, it is easy to carry out water sampling operations, set out monitoring equipment (and retrieve it), using the hoist and crane for heavier items. Fitting the 'glass" plate in the moon pool makes observation below the water surface easy, which can be supplemented by an underwater lighting package.


Your Voice - What Else Do You Need a Small Boat to Do?

As of December 2019, RESTCo is seeking a partner to help refine our design, support building and fitting out our first full-size prototype(s), and evaluate them in real-world conditions. If that's of interest to you, let us know.

The Pakua Multi-Function Workboat
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