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Unveiling the RESTCo Multi-functional Shallow Water Skimmer Workboat

Shallow Water Skimmer model with Bill and Darryl
1/5th scale model shown above

RESTCo SWS Model - The Unveil

RESTCo was pleased to be able to display our 1/5th scale model of the trailerable multifunctional Shallow Water Skimmer at the 2019 International CIRSIP Conference on May 28th 2019 in Sept-Iles, QC.

The model and the concepts it embodies proved to be popular with conference attendees as did our 2-pager handout.

Whale Fluke in Sept-Iles
Au revoir Sept-Iles (I think we'll be back) [Photo credit: Barbara Gour - used with permission]

The Shallow Water Skimmer (SWS)
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SWS Model - The Unveil
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