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The RESTCo Multi-functional Shallow Water Skimmer Workboat

Shallow Water Skimmer model (with conveyor for floating debris pickup)
1/5th scale model shown above with trash/plastic/algae collector conveyor


Bow Sweeps

When recovering spilled oil, algae, aquatic weeds, floating plastic and other pollution, one way to enhance operating efficiency is to sweep more area per pass. This can be done by effectively widening the boat with angled bow sweeps. When operating in confined areas (such as a dead-end in a marina slip area), the bow sweeps can be swung inwards to meet, creating a closed capture zone. This allows the operator to back the vessel out of the dead-end, and bring the captured material out. Once able to more forward again, the bow sweeps can be opened again, and the material can be collected by the usual vessel forward motion.

Bow sweeps can be built to the length desired. They can be stowed by hanging off the sides of the boat. The leading edges of the bow sweeps can be attached to boom lines to make the vessel (and its capture system) part of a containment area.

Bow-mounted Conveyor Collector

Appropriate for removal of various sizes of floating debris, trash and plastic pollution. May also be used for collecting heavy algae accumulations ('pea soup') or algae mats. We expect it will also work picking up spilled oil using our hydrocarbon-adsorbent, hydrophobic filter fabric version.

Extension Mast and Camera

The extension mast can be used to support a WiFi camera which can be viewed on a WiFi enabled screen on-board.

'Glass' bottom for Moon Pool

The window for the moon pool is watertight and permits better viewing of conditions under the boat as the interface to the water is not obscured by waves.

Trash gate

The front mounted trash gate (actually more of a basket) collects larger items so the are not picked up in the collection tower. It can also be used as a garbage pickup device for large items without using the tower.

Gravity Collection Tower

The gravity collection tower is used in conjunction with the unique hull shape to collect floating liquid or small solids, including microplastics. The gravity collection tower is used with a pump to periodically remove material which has gathered at the top of the tower.

Lighting package for Night Work

As defined by the customer, can include under hull lighting for use with the moonpool window, deck lighting, search lights, etc.

Oil-spill Response Products and Equipment

As defined by the customer. As examples, could include short boom lines, filter fabric containment lines, bioremediant (sprayer), oil herders / binders, manual surface skimmer for WindTrans pump.

Outboard Motor (gas or electric)

For higher speed operation, such as emergency response to an incident scene.

Specialty Pump(s)

As appropriate for the customer's defined applications of the boat.


For launching, retrieving, storing and moving the boat.

Weed Cutter

A weed cutter can be mounted at the bow to cut off aquatic weeds at a set depth. Cut weeds can be picked up in the gravity collection tower or a towed net (or both). A macerator pump is recommended for this applicaiton of the gravity collection tower.

Your Voice - What Else Do You Need a Small Boat to Do?

As of June 2019, RESTCo is seeking a partner to help refine our design, support building and fitting out our first full-size prototype(s), and evaluate them in real-world conditions. If that's of interest to you,

The Shallow Water Skimmer (SWS)
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