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The RESTCo Multi-functional Shallow Water Skimmer Workboat

Pea soup algae on Lake Erie shoreline
Image used under Creative Commons licence (from Wikipedia)

How the Shallow Water Skimmer Deals with Your Problems

Hazardous Algae Blooms

Floating Plastic Pollution (and other floating garbage)

Oil-Spill Recovery

Urban Flood Response - Evacuation

Urban Flood Response - Supplies Transport

Urban Flood Response - Pumping

Ice Rescue

Water Rescue

Day Jobs

Your Voice - What Else Do You Need a Small Boat to Do?

As of June 2019, RESTCo is seeking a partner to help refine our design, support building and fitting out our first full-size prototype(s), and evaluate them in real-world conditions. If that's of interest to you, let us know.

The Shallow Water Skimmer (SWS)
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SWS Problems Solved
SWS Day Jobs
SWS Specifications
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SWS Model - The Unveil
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