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RESTCo - Making Waves at CIRSIP 2019

Two of RESTCo's directors were invited to present papers at the international CIRSIP 2019 conference in Sept-Iles.

Dr. William (Bill) Adams presented 2 papers at the conference.

Developing International Standards for Arctic and Cold Climate Operations of the Oil and Gas Industry

Presentation Slide Deck

Bioremediation of oil spills in harbours and on shorelines: a promising cost effective way to minimize environmental damage

Presentation Slide Deck
LAEO Paper by Sammarco, Montgomery and Adams (provided as additional reference)

Mr. Darryl McMahon also presented 2 papers at the conference.

Removing Persistent Plastic Pollution from Open Water

Presentation Slide Deck

Oil Spill Response, Recovery and Remediation for the 21st Century

Presentation Slide Deck

We are pleased to report all were well-received, and generated discussion and interest.
Mr. McMahon was also pleased to announce at this conference that he has been awarded a grant from the National Geographic Society to continue his research on removing microplastic pollution from open water, with work being done by RESTCo and Carleton University (led by Dr. Jesse Vermaire).

RESTCo was also pleased to be able to unveil its 1-metre long (1/5th scale) model of our Multi-function Shallow Water Skimmer vessel, which also generated interest and discussion.

If any of the above is of interest, get in touch.

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