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Adaptable Housing and Infrasttucture for a (Climate) Changing World

In RESTCo’s work on self-sufficiency for remote communities, we have put considerable work into researching the current energy paradigm, particularly with a view to reducing dependence on external sources, the climate change impact of energy infrastructure choices, and the impact of current practices. There hasn't been much concrete interest in this topic in over more than a decade we have been developing our vision and real technologies, social structures and behaviours to embrace it. People really don't want to hear about the challenges which are upon us. But the future doesn't care about our persistent denial of facts before us.

RESTCo benefits from the particular knowledge of our principals, who have worked on building housing and infrastructure, designing and building healthy, energy efficient housing, energy systems, recognizing the likely consequences of climate change based on facts in evidence, and developing a vision for a survivable future for remote communities, especially in the Canadian north.

RESTCo has devoted a lot of time and effort to this subject area since 2010 (when we incorporated), and our principals had already worked the subject prior. For example, visit the eframe healthy house site. RESTCo has also presented to northern communties multiple times, including at the 2018 Northern Lights conference (PowerPoint slide deck).

RESTCo has an approach, and has developed a suite of techniques, tools, technologies, and network of affiliated organizations, which can do better.

For more information on RESTCo's approach to adaptable housing and infrastructure, please contact us.

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