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It's your planet. If you won't look after it, who will?

Darryl McMahon (tag line from his book, The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy)

The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy
(book) by Darryl McMahon

In exposing the sheer stitchlessness of the scheme announced by President Bush in 2003 for America to "lead the world in developing clean, hydrogen-powered automobiles", Darryl McMahon has written one of the most useful energy books going.

As he says, "the hydrogen economy is a really, really bad idea", for a dismaying number of reasons both technical and practical.

In explaining just why it's such a bad idea, McMahon sheds much light, debunks the myths, and provides a thorough, clear, rational and well-informed overview of all the existing energy options, both sustainable and not.

The second half of the book is devoted to better ideas -- what you can do about it, focusing on real solutions that work now, along with a detailed, 4-chapter, 100-page Personal Energy Plan, also thorough, sensible and workable.

It's an easy read. McMahon has a sure touch, you know you're in good hands. He's been involved in energy and sustainability issues since the 1970s. Darryl lives in Ottawa and he prefers to take the bus, but he also has an electric car, an electric bicycle and a biodiesel truck, as well as an electric tractor he uses to raise organic vegetables.

Keith Addison, Journey to Forever

(Darryl McMahon is one of the founding principals of RESTCo.)

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