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It's your planet. If you won't look after it, who will?

Darryl McMahon (tag line from his book, The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy)

Final Voyage
(book) by Peter Nichols

Prologue (from the book)

"After surging to an all-time peak, oil prices were falling, despite the depletion of fields around the world. Oil itself was talked about as an oumoded commodity, soon to be relegated to the past as cheaper, inexhaustible, emerging energy sources were being developed.

"Oil barons and financiers were suddenly facing the loss of an industry that had supported them and supplied the world's needs for generations. Banks and hitherto bedrock-solid financial institutions were foundering.

"Wealthy men were ruined overnight, stunned tat they had not seen what was coming, that everything they had believed in and counted upon lay in ruins.

"The old paradign was broken and a new one was overtaking the world.

"This, then, was the state of the whale-oil industry 140 years ago."

What else can we learn from the Arctic whaling fleets of the mid-1800s? What can we learn from how their hubris did not make allowance for the vagaries of weather - destroying their fleet. What can we learn from how their harvesting of walrus destroyed the foodstocks of the native population, leaving them to starve through the long winter. What else can we learn from the earlier Arctic oil exploitation's boom and bust?

An e-Book version is available

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