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Always plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.

Richard C. Cushing

Our Approach: System Solutions

It is easy to build an energy-efficient house. It's more difficult to make one that does not make the inhabitants sick. When you consider the energy costs of taking the resident out of that environment, moving them to a major population centre and treating them in a hospital, and then returning them home again - then, how do you think about the energy use efficiency of that 'energy-efficient', but insufficiently ventilated, house?

Too often, experts in our society 'solve' a tiny problem, while ignoring the downstream consequences of that solution outside the narrow definition of the problem. A tailings pond is an inexpensive way to deal with waste from Tar Sands operations. However, it does not address the consequences of leakage through earthen dikes with no impermeable containment membranes.

Moving and transforming problems does not constitute real solutions. At RESTCo, we take in a larger perspective when we define a solution.

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