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The perfect is the enemy of the good.


Our Approach: Best in Class

Our concept of 'best-in-class' means that it works, it's available now, and that it is best when we consider the total, integrated solution. What is 'best' always depends on the context and desires of the client. We prefer simplicity to complexity, and incremental change to radical change. We believe in the Precautionary Principle, and having contingency plans at the ready. We believe that concrete action in the right direction today is better than hoping for a better solution in the future.

Because we are a collaborative, we will look in many directions, including our clients, for ideas that will lead to superior solutions.

Occasionally, we will look to a particular piece of an overall solution which is new, innovative or unproven at scale. If, after considering the risk in an informed manner, we and our client elect to try something new, our strategy is to fail fast, learn fast and fix the problem. Contingency plans will be in place in the event of such failures.

Our Approach
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